FR Artistic Productions was created by restlessness.

Fernanda Ribas - the FR - had already a long and successful trajectory in cinema and advertising casting, working together with some of the best production companies here in Brazil.

But working with those guys wasn’t enough for a restless person like Fernanda. And, one day, back in 1997, FR Produções was born. Born from this disquietude feeling.

Fifteen years of hard working, taking care of some of the best and most talented Brazilian artists. We grew up. And FR Produções stopped being only Fernanda herself.

Today, we got plenty of Fernandas and Fernandos, equally restless.

And, restless, we seek for some way to make things happen, to cast a different actor here, suggesting names there, putting together different objectives, conciliating productions houses needs with the care our artists deserve.

That's the way we work today.

We keep provoking without causing earthquakes. Poking with discretion. Shaking with grace.

Elegantly. Like Fernanda herself.

Lusa Silvestre