Andre Mifano Chef / Presenter


TV Shows

  • Taste Brasil 3 – 2017 – GNT  Presenter / Judge
  • The Taste Brasil 2 – 2016 – GNT  Presenter / Judge
  • The Taste Brasil – 2015 – GNT  Presenter /  Judge
  • Taste It – 2011 – Glitz  Presenter


  • Chef of the Year - Folha de São Paulo (Datafolha) - 2017 
  • Revelation Chef - Veja SP Comer e Beber - 2009


  • Chef of the Year - Veja SP Comer e Beber - 2017
  • First Run of the Year: Lilu Restaurant - Veja SP Comer e Beber - 2017


Andre Mifano started his career at the age of seventeen in the kitchen of Hamilton Mellão. It took him little time to figure out that he would spend the rest of his life among pots. 

In his professional experience he went through several restaurants, some consultancies and the Cordon Bleu course, until opening the Vito Restaurant in 2008, where he stayed for seven years. At Vito, Andre developed an authoral menu, based on a lot of research and close relationship with small producers. The chef defends sustainability from the products chosen in his kitchen. 

In 2016, the chef opened his new restaurant in the Pinheiros neighborhood, in São Paulo. Named Lilu, the proposal escapes the ordinary and serves dishes to share in the center of the table, without distinction between entrances and main or exchange of cutlery between one recipe and another, proposing a new way of relating to the environment of a restaurant and especially with the food. The lounge connects to the kitchen, which has no doors or divisions and you can watch the preparation of everything while you wait. Andre Mifano wants to end any kind of division: the idea is to share the experience. 

In 2017, Andre was elected chef of the year by Folha de São Paulo, ahead of the restaurant Lilu.

Photo: Gabriel Cabral
Chef of the Year - Folha de São Paulo 2017