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Graduated in cinema by UNESA, in 2003, Claudia Jouvin began her career in 2001 in the company Raccord, as first assistant of the director Lirio Ferreira. One of the productions was the clip "Pelo Engarrafamento", by Otto.
He worked at Conspiração, as intern by Breno Silveira and Fabião Soares, at the advertising core, and participated in the direction of several commercials, including Corsa, CCAA, Rexona, Seda, Guaraná Antarctica and Fiat.
One of her awarded short movies is "Velha História", stop motion narrated by Marco Nanini:
The film won the following awards:
2nd Place - Popular Jury at Anima Mundi in 2003
Best Animation at the Amazonas Film Festival in 2003
Best Animation at Primeiro Plano Festival (Juiz de Fora) in 2003
Best Student Film Photography in ABC - Brazilian Academy of Cinematography in 2004
Honorable Mention at Belo Horizonte Short Film Festival in 2004
Porta Curta Prize at the International Short Film Festival of São Paulo in 2004
She wrote "O Gorila" by José Eduardo Belmonte, adapted from a short story by Sérgio Sant'Anna, which premiered at the Première Brasil from Rio Festival, in 2012.
Screenwriter from Rede Globo since 2004, she has written programs like "A Diarista", "A Grande Família", "Cidade Proibida" and "Mister Brau", and created the sketch "Leandra Borges", screened in Fantástico.
She wrote, in partnership with Dennison Ramalho, the horror film "Morto Não Fala", produced by Casa de Cinema of Porto Alegre, which will soon become a serie on TV Globo.
She is currently collaborating with the super serie by George Moura and Sergio Goldenberg, "Onde Nascem os Fortes".
She returned to work with José Eduardo Belmonte in the feature film "Entre Idas e Vindas". 
In 2016 she directed the movie "Um Homem Só", which also signed the script.
Prizes won on the 43rd. Gramado Festival (2015) with "Um Homem Só":
Best Actress: Mariana Ximenes
Best Supporting Actor: Otavio Muller
Best Cinematography: Adrian Tejido

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Claudia Jouvin